1. [I’m not good at titles.] || Time and Chaos

    Chaos appeared in room dressed in white. There was a soft whirring and beeping of machines along with a metallic sort of scent. A short man shuffled in a trance-like state over to a small computer with a miniscule chip in his hand. This was a testing room for computer SD cards. In the room adjacent, a louder whirring noise could be heard along with a couple of shouts here and there. The shouts weren’t distressed or panicked, just playful as one worker yelled a joke over the noise. Chaos surveyed the room for an opportunity to strike. He wasn’t noticed by the two workers in the test room, even when they stared right at him. The short man handed a taller woman the chip in a little bag with a green check mark on it. She passed it over to another window where it was received by an anonymous figure behind the glass. She went to the opposite side of the room and chose one of the new chips at random. They started the testing again. The whole process couldn’t have taken more than a few minutes. 

    Chaos made a small gesture behind his back. One of the workers in the other room coughed and his hand slipped as he fumbled with a card. The tall woman finished the other chip. She slid over to the new batch and chose the card the worker had disfigured slightly with his clumsiness. She slipped it into the computer. 

    Under a normal circumstance, the card would have just malfunctioned and failed the test, no harm done. This was no ordinary circumstance. The machine went up in a great ball of fire and flames licked at the hem of the woman’s lab coat. She shrieked and tossed it aside. The pile of chips sputtered and sparked, sending flames, gas and sparks into the air. The woman continued to scream as the man grabbed fire extinguisher and sprayed it at the flames. No surprise that that didn’t work, either. Humans were so predictable.

    Not a bad start. Chaos thought to himself. Time, I’ve got a warm-up for you.

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